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Thales & Adrane

Thank you so much for a great stay and already looking forward for a chance to come back to this beautiful cottage.

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Rikkie & Ray

Thanks for the amazing hospitality. Everything made our honeymoon even more memorable and we hope to get a chance to visit again.

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Thank you so much for all the attention and care. This place is a dream I would not think of a better Place to have spent my birthday. Thank you so much again.

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Cheryl & Matt

Thank you so much for sharing you peaceful place in paradise! We had a wonderful adventure last night when hiked to see the lava eruption & stars.

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Andrea, Patrict, Cedric & Aline

We have spent a wonderful time here! Everything was just perfect very nice rooms, excellent breakfast, friendly and helpful staff great hikes and drives in the NP. Thank you so much for everything!

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Monia & Nathan

We enjoy a very peaceful evening here in you cottage. We especially enjoyed the sounds of the wind, rain and animals as we dozed off to sleep last night. You have put a lot of effort into making these cottages a home away from home and it shows thank you for a lovely experience.

vacation home

Jerry & Jeni

Very peaceful place we enjoyed our stay here

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Thank you so much for the relaxing stay in you beautiful home! we especially loved soaking in the jacuzzi at night, listening to the frog & peaceful raindrops The room is so carefully designed to the perfect zen retreat & we are sad to have to leave!! Looking forward to hopefully returning very soon.

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