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The Cottages – The Perfect Getaway

Lotus Garden Cottages are a relaxing getaway near Hawaii Volcanoes National Park. The Bed and Breakfast was created to help guests unplug from the hustle and bustle of life. Close enough to Volcano Village to enjoy all the fine dining and galleries it has to offer, but private enough to easily withdraw into the tranquil surroundings and recharge.

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Like the sacred Lotus flower, where each petal reveals hidden jewels that nurture and revitalize the soul, Lotus Garden Cottages is the perfect stepping stone for exploring the natural wonders of Hawai’i Volcanoes National Park and the summit of the Kilauea crater.

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Explore Big Island Wonders

Venture out from the relaxing setting of Lotus Garden Cottages to discover the unique geological wonders of the richly textured lava fields, steam vents, lava tubes, deep craters, petroglyphs, fiery glows of molten lava, and magnificent cliffs with sweeping ocean vistas. Only two miles away, Hawaii Volcanoes National Park offers tours, guided hikes, lava flow viewing, demonstrations, hula, dining, entertainment and more.

Experience Quiet Transformation

Spend a quiet day of contemplation in our tropical Zen garden. Like a musical score, this pristine hamlet of majestic Ohia trees, giant ferns and vibrant mosses, nurtures the soul with its varying tempo of sunshine, rain, warm days and cool nights. Bright blue skies and golden rays shift into romantic vistas of mist and fog, only to be undone by the surprise of shimmering rainbows. Drift to sleep under starry skies or to the lull of raindrops. Awaken to a rose-colored dawn and the song of the native Apapane.

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Discover Deep Relaxation

After a day exploring Hawaii Volcanoes National Park, treat yourself to a private traditional Hawaiian Lomi Lomi massage, Reiki session, or unwind in a steaming outdoor hot tub. This mystical rainforest provides a welcome haven to relax, decompress and heighten your senses, creativity and passion.

Visit Volcano Village

Right on the doorstep of Volcanoes National Park, Volcano Village is perfectly placed in the middle of a volcanic rainforest and famous for its beauty and tranquility. This hidden gem has been a hideaway for many many artists since it offers an escape from crowds and traffic. Enjoy fine dining and galleries during your stay when you’re not relaxing at Lotus Garden Cottages Bed and Breakfast.

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John Kim

Meet the Innkeeper

In 2005, Lotus Garden Cottages Bed and Breakfast owner, John Kim, left the crazy world of information technology to pursue his love of nature and volcanoes and create a peaceful respite from that fast-paced world. Once he found himself immersed in the ancient volcanic rainforest, he felt compelled to share his idyllic paradise and opened the doors to the luxuriously tranquil Lotus Garden Cottages Bed and Breakfast.

A music lover at heart and classically trained, whispers of John’s melodic violin concertos serenade guests as they stroll along garden paths or relax by the Koi pond. Reminiscent of gentle volcanic mists, John’s compositions are inspired by the respondent forest hues and silver moonbeams that shimmer in the night sky.

John’s Korean heritage sets the tone for a blissful refuge with the perfect blend of Asian and Hawaiin hospitality. Deeply touched by the teachings of the sacred lotus flower and magic of Goddess Pele, John created a haven designed to unveil your inner self.

Known for its gracious hospitality, Lotus Garden Cottages Bed and Breakfast has become an eclectic oasis where busy urbanites from around the world seek refuge, slow down, take a deep breath and revel in extraordinary volcanic wonder.